You Gotta Walk Right

from by Jon S. Patton

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I had an itch to do a country blues song as a brain cleanser and to have some fun after doing a lot of heay or complicated tracks; the weekly challenge ("direction" can mean more than one thing, right?) gave me an idea; and a local musician I greatly respect, Mark Brine, agreed to play guitar on it. I sometimes tell my musician friends that if I like them, eventually I will try to imitate them, and I went hard on the "imitation" here, basically trying to write what I thought a Mark Brine song would sound like coming out of me.

Mark was a bit under the weather but ripped a solo like a champ, and had good pointers to give throughout the hour we were recording, especially an arrangement note so that his guitar solo would be audible. I can't thank him enough for playing on it, and making a long drive in the cold to do this for me. I hope to be able to pay him back in some way in the future.

If you like country blues, even a little bit, I urge you to check out Mark's music. He's not just some guy who does it. He IS that music.

My buddy and bandmate Rick brought his resonator and harps along and switched instruments in the middle of the song a couple times, and added some awesome harmonies.

The lyrics are super simple, but I actually put quite a bit of thought into them. I wanted them to be assertive without being aggressive, in keeping with the chorus idea.


Well you gotta talk right
That's what you tell me anyway
G7 C
Yes you gotta talk right
That's what you tell me anyway
But it don't strike me as polite
When you don't let me have my say

Well I ain't gonna quarrel
Man, I ain't gonna fight
I don't need you to tell me
What it means to [talk / think / walk] right

Verse 2
They say you gotta think right
But they don't care what you do
They say you gotta think right
But they don't care what you do
I got a good mind
To tell you what I think of you

Verse 3
Well you gotta walk right
That's what they used to say
Yes you gotta walk right
That's what they used to say
But I been walking in the light
And can clearly see my way


from The Howling Tongue of Each Other, released March 11, 2016
Jon: Mandolin and vocal
Mark Brine: Guitar
Rick Veader: Resonator, hamonica, and vocal (yes, rick has more hands than the rest of us)




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