The Edges Where We Meet

from by Jon S. Patton

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Rob Hinkal of ilyAIMY said something to me as I was leaving a gig we split with him, that he liked the "places where we overlap." I gave the line to Joe as an assignment and he decided it should be our colab.

Joe and I do a collaboration almost every year (I mean, aside from being in band together ...), and every year something surprising happens. Well, at least neither of us think that the stuff we write together sounds like something we would do on our own, but Lexa thought this sounded very Jon-like, so whuduayeno.

Joe sent me a file with some lyrics (including what I thought was a very solid line we could use as a chorus) with a bunch of ideas about imagery etc., one of which included the idea that someone's world has been reduced to black and white images. So I suggested that we think of it like a graphic novel. We got together on 2/24 to finish the writing process.

We even went so far as to sketch out some panels to aid in the storytelling!

After a lot of back and forth over a few hours, we settled on a story about a guy suffering through depression and neglects his girlfriend by being absorbed in books. She doesn't want to deal with it anymore and leaves him; this song is basically the morning he "wakes up" and starts feeling things again ... and one of the first things he feels is a bit of anger on top of the regret.

Musically it's fairly basic, but Joe's idea to skip a bar in the verse was a pretty inspired one (he always seems to know when something needs to go), and I think the tune ended up pretty good all the way through.


| Amsus2 |
I traced out your name At the edge of the page
| G6 | Amsus2
As the memory replayed I felt like a fake
| | G6 |
A lost and shape- less shadow on that day

| Fmaj7 (C-B-A-G) | C
At the edges where we meet That's where I
| Fmaj7 | C

Verse 2
Barely half awake
The one rite I know
how to make
I recall the complaints
That I'm just an empty page
Then you walked away

Chorus 2
| Fmaj7 (C-B-A-G) | Am
At the edges where we meet That's where I
| G | Am
| Fmaj7 (C-B-A-G) | C
At the edges where we meet That's where I
| Fmaj7 | C

BRIDGE (strong 1, C G Am FM7)
|C | G | Am |Fmaj7
|C | G | Am |Fmaj7
|C | G | Am |Fmaj7
|C | G | Am |Fmaj7
You want me a-
|C | G | Am |Fmaj7
wake Well now I am a-
|C | G | Am |Fmaj7
wake No words that I can
|C | G
say no step that I can take To bring you back to the
| Am |Fmaj7
frame we're on a different page and again I trace your
|C | G
name again I trace your name again I trace your name
| Am |Fmaj7


from The Howling Tongue of Each Other, released March 11, 2016
Jon: Guitars, keys, drum programming, vocal
Joe: Bass and harmony vocal

Lyrics and music co-written by Jon S. Patton and Joseph Scala.




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