Oh, Honey (Tell Me You'll Get Out of There)

from by Jon S. Patton

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Waits for it ... waits for it ...

It's not a folk song, and it's not a story song, but I am frigging proud of my performances on this one. Heck, I'm even proud of the drum programming.

This was inspired by an overheard conversation between two co-workers. A coworker was saying that her current-but-soon-to-be-dumped boyfriend had broken some of her things including a mug and a picture. Our reaction of course was, "DTMFA."

Before I go any further, despite the text of the song, I want to assure everyone: my coworker is and will be fine. I'd trust her to put the guy in the hospital if he ever tried to hit her. The song isn't based on a particular incident in real life, it's just a "what if." But I have friends who have been in abusive relationships and I absolutely get worked up thinking about it.

I wrote the lyrics on 2/8 (finished two songs in one night, which was nice) and recorded it throughout the day on Tuesday 2/9. I wanted to experiment a little with very different rhyme schemes, the sort where it's not obvious at all that the song even rhymes at all (and in fact, in places this one doesn't). On the one hand it can come across as underwritten but with such limited space I had to put a lot of thought into each word.

Most of song uses a variant of the "ice cream progression" that was mentioned on the FAWM forums. Feel free to guess which song I got the G(sus4)7 from!

And the outro came about because, damn it, I wanted to play some frigging guitar. The lead guitar (including the solo) was almost a single take ... I had to overdub the wah part at the end because of a glitch in one bar.


C Em
Broken bottles
Am7 C
and a broken picture frame
It isn't much
But next time it might be you
C Am7
Oh honey
Dm7 G(sus4)7 C
Please tell me you'll get out of there

Petty quarrels
and love isn't always safe
It isn't fine
Just saying doesn't make it true

Oh honey
Please tell me you'll get out of there
Oh honey
Please tell me you'll get out of there

C Am
You say you're strong
Dm7 G7
I know you said
C Am
But we're never as strong as we are in our heads
Dm G
And if he ever laid a hand on you instead …

Oh honey
Please tell me you'll get out of there
Oh honey
Please tell me you'll get out of there

[end wankery is just the chorus on repeat]


from The Howling Tongue of Each Other, released March 11, 2016




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