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I do a Celtic-flavored instrumental every year, usually something faster like a jig or reel, but since I hadn't written a slow one in several years I worked up something this morning.

My buddy Keith asked if I was free today to mess around with his new guitar, which is a beautiful custom-made fully hollow strat-style body with a baked maple neck (no finish!), and a cool set of lipstick pickups. He had it strung with heavy strings and tuned down a full step. I was already working on some ideas for this instrumental, and I just mentally jotted down some stuff I wanted to throw in over a chord progression I'd written and decided to wing it. (Maybe I'm being lazy, because it definitely would have been a better performance if I wasn't "writing" it on the fly.)

It might be the closest I've ever heard an electric sound and play like an acoustic and one of the best clean tones I've ever heard. He also brought over his Goodsell amp, so I did a stereo setup. The room ambiance was pretty good despite the close space and it's one of those times where what I got on tape sounded better than what it sounded like in the room, but it's still pretty true to what the guitar sounded like.



A part
| Bm | G | A | D
| Bm | G | A | D :|

B part
| A | D | G | D
| A | Em | G | D :|


from The Howling Tongue of Each Other, released March 11, 2016




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Baltimericana is a place for me (Jon Patton) to stash my solo projects and collaborations with friends. I'm a writer, musician, and (unfortunately) day job schlub from Baltimore and the founder of Baltimore-based folk rock band Midway Fair (midwayfair.org). Be sure to also check out Joe Scala (joescala.wordpress.com), who produced the Baltimericana EP. ... more

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