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I looked up the etymology of my first theme word and discovered that "promenade" is from a Latin term "to drive animals" (related to menace of all things), so I decided to write about a shepherd.

I worked on a sheep farm off and on when I was in high school. My German teacher and her husband raised sheep for wool. Other things I was thinking about while writing this: The pastoral story in Don Quixote (see: the electric guitar choice), that shepherd who holds the world record for long-distance running, and (weirdly) sailing songs.

I wrote the lyrics in about an hour and half on 2/1 in the morning, the music in the following hour, vowed not to overproduce it, and ended up close to doing just that. Oh well!


Here I can see over to the river
And the yearlings grazing in the heather
D G D Dinv
A late sunrise through the misty dawn
D Bm A D
It's morning and my love I must be gone

D G D F#m F#m7
Not to say you can't be on your own
D A Bm
Here there's no one to take measure of a man
D G A Bm
So feel the breeze which ever way it blows
D G Em7 D
But every night drive the flock to home

It's muddy boots and a dog as a companion
A little rain to keep your spirits damp
It's weary feet and the good green earth below ‘em
And when you're home a kettle on the stove

And sometimes when the storms are blowing
And I'm without a coat despite your ways of knowing
Then I will ponder my feet beside the fire
And I'll look to home whichever way it lies


from The Howling Tongue of Each Other, released March 11, 2016




baltimericana Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimericana is a place for me (Jon Patton) to stash my solo projects and collaborations with friends. I'm a writer, musician, and (unfortunately) day job schlub from Baltimore and the founder of Baltimore-based folk rock band Midway Fair (midwayfair.org). Be sure to also check out Joe Scala (joescala.wordpress.com), who produced the Baltimericana EP. ... more

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